“Video, audio, and web conferencing that works together with the collaboration tools you use every day.”

“BlueJeans Meetings - Collaborate effectively with video, audio, and web conferencing from anywhere on any device.
BlueJeans Rooms - Make any room a one-touch video, audio, and web conferencing room that is easy to use and manage.
BlueJeans Events - Host and livestream interactive events, webinars and town halls for large audiences around the world.

You can use BlueJeans directly from your browser or you can download the application on your PC.

BlueJeans Host

BlueJeans online meeting

The patient can also either go to the website or download the same application onto their PC. Once they open it they can join as a guest by using the meeting code you send them.

Bluejeans Patient Join

blueeans join as a guest

bluejeans join the meeting with a code

BlueJeans is capable of scheduling meetings which integrates with Google Calendar and Outlook Office.