How to book Calibrations

Kindly email us at: to book your calibration.

It is suggested by the manufacturer that the KUDUwave is calibrated annually (once a year), however, it is under the discretion of the owner to follow the standards stipulated in the legislation of their country applicable to their industry.

Please send us the following details:

  1. Contact Person's Details
  2. Company Details
  3. Physical Address (for courier purposes)
  4. Contact Details
  5. KUDUwave Serial Number

Prior to delivery of your device, kindly report any problems you are facing that the servicing team should repair. Repairs may carry an additional cost and to prevent any delays, a proforma invoice / quote will be prepared for you in the interim. Repairs will be immediately done once payment is received.


Due to a limited number of bookings per day, please notify us at least two days before you would like to send your device in for calibration. Bookings will be confirmed according to availability. Devices received without a booking will be allocated to the first available time slot (This may only be in several days time).

For an additional fee, eMoyo will arrange for a courier to collect and deliver your device to our head offices in Johannesburg, South Africa. Please note if you would like to arrange your own courier, the device must be delivered to the address specified below, 24 hours before the date of the calibration booking.

179 Beyers Naude Drive, Northcliff, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2190.

For international devices, calibration will pend until the day of delivery to our offices and will be sent back either the same or the immediate day after delivery.

Calibrations do not include servicing or supporting of the KUDUwave software. Please do not send your laptop with your KUDUwave device unless explicitly requested by an eMoyo representative. If you require a software update, please go to this link here. If you are encountering errors with your device and require help with your KUDUwave, please contact support directly for remote assistance and have your device evaluated before sending your device to our head offices.