How do I use X-Check?

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1:

Launch your KUDUwave software and click on the X-check icon in the bottom left hand corner of your home screen.

The X-check start page will appear:

xcheck home screen

Step 2:

Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your sound tubes to the X-check ports and Click Start.

Make sure that the right sound tube is plugged into the right ear-cup, and the left sound tube into the left ear-cup.


Step 3:

Your KUDUwave will now do all the work for you.

Sit back and watch the little bars sprint to the end. If all is well, X-check will take about 30 seconds to complete. Once complete, a message will indicate if your calibration verification has passed or not.

X-check calibration verification

Final Step:

Click Finish to exit X-check and carry on testing patients to your heart's content.

If your test fails, don’t worry, there are some simple checks you can do before trying again. These are covered under X-Check Failed.