What is in the X-Check Report

Curious to know what happened during the X-Check test?

No problem. To get a comprehensive technical report of your X-Check results, click on the “Detail view” button to display the report.

calibration check report

Technical Details

The report shows all the tested frequencies as well as the Amplitude Error of each.

The Amplitude Error is the discrepancy or difference between the calibrated level of the KUDUwave's air conduction output and the actual air conduction output measured by X-check. Ideally all of the error values should be zero. In the real world these values will include both X-check measurement error and KUDUwave calibration error. X-check measurement error is affected by factors like ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure. X-check uses the following specifications for the pass criteria of the amplitude errors of the pure tones.

+/- 5.0 dB difference for frequencies between 125 Hz and 4 kHz

+/- 6.2 dB difference for frequencies between 4 kHz and 8 kHz

+/- 6.5 dB difference for frequencies between 8 kHz and 16 kHz

Please note: These standards are not a replacement of the need for audiometer calibrations as per local standards.


This will generate and open a PDF, like the one shown here. Once the PDF is generated you can print it on your connected printer or save it. The PDF report is also automatically saved in the eMoyoDotNet/Pdf folder on your computer.

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