What is X-check?

X-check (Cross Check) is a digital calibration verification tool built in your KUDUwave. X-check replaces daily biological verification with quick and accurate, digital checks to ensure quality testing.

Every audiologist, audiometrist or health care professional who performs hearing tests may be familiar with the good-old self-check as part of the daily routine. Whether you call it a biological or subjective test, we typically test ourselves or a colleague to see if it is still working as expected.

This nifty tool comes standard with your KUDUwave™ and makes daily calibration checks a breeze.

Biological Calibration

X-check verifies the calibration of your KUDUwave digitally. Like biological checks, X-check does not replace the need for regular calibrations as per the prevailing standards. It is, however, an accurate and objective test that is quicker and more accurate than your standard subjective biological calibration check.

Using X-check is really easy and will save you a ton of time and grey hair.