Why use Cloud Storage?

Revolutionising your filing system is the best way to save time, money and stress.

Patient records are a sensitive business. They need to be kept confidential and safe for an indefinite amount of time - decades if you want to narrow it down. There is nothing more stressful than keeping those patient files under lock and key. Revolutionising your filing system is the best way to save time, money and stress.

The first trick to a successful patient database is to digitize your records. By digitizing your patient records, you are able to organize and store them in the most efficient way.

Once you have your digital database you will need a place to store it safely. As they say: “Location, location, location”. In this sense, you need to save it in three different locations; your local hard drive (which is your laptop or PC), an external hard drive, and lastly in the cloud.

Cloud Storage

The reason why you should consider using a cloud storage system is simple; just like papers can be lost or damaged, so can laptops and hard drives. The cloud solution is an efficient way, and often free, to backup your valuable information and later on access it from anywhere (as long as you remember the security codes). After the initial setup there is little maintenance to follow and the rest is automated.

There are multiple service providers for cloud storage and below we have listed a few. Click on one to find out how it works.

An important thing to note is that you will need patient consent to store confidential data this way.

Click here to download the eMoyo Patient Consent Form.

Use this template or create your own to inform your patients that their records will be safe and always available, either with us or the service provider of your choice.

To link your KUDUwave database to our cloud, email support@emoyo.net for assistance.