General Care & Cleaning

The KUDUwave, as an intricate medical device must be treated with care. Regular cleaning and disinfecting after each use (i.e. before each new patient is tested) must be done with caution so as not to damage the sensitive equipment.

Cleaning Procedure

When cleaning the KUDUwave use disposable gloves for contamination control. Dispose of used foam ear-tips as medical waste and disconnect the USB cables to prevent excessive bending. Avoid twisting or bending the sound tubes as well. To disinfect the KUDUwave wipe down the headset, including the ear cups, sound tubes and bone vibrator (if it a diagnostic model), as well as the USB cables and response button with a disinfecting wipe intended for use on plastics. Do not use acetone products. It is important that this wipe complies with the standards of your region or country for disinfecting medical devices. The european standard EN1276 is suggested as a guideline. Alternatively a disposable swab with an alcohol based disinfectant (0,5% Chlorhexidine gluconate in 70% alcohol) can be used.

Inspect the sound tubes for any sharp indentations, cracks, holes or blockages. Replace the sound tubes if any defects are visible and unblock the coupler from any build up of debri. Perform X-Check, or a biological test, if calibration verification is needed.

Please Note: Never reuse disposable ear-tips.

Disposable ear-tips act as a barrier between the ear probe and the patient. Old ear wax and cleaning solutions can damage the ear probe permanently. Cleaning solutions also damage the foam of the ear-tips and can lead to incorrect readings. It is an irresponsible risk to clean ear-tips for re-use, as cleaning solution or wax can end up inside the ear probe and give incorrect results. Any perceived cost saving will not outweigh the risks to the device and more importantly, the patient.