Google Calendar and Appointment Slots

This tool is available for anyone with a free google account (or gmail account).

First step: Get Started with Google Calendar

google calendar

You can easily access your free calendar tool from your chrome browser.

google calendar from chrome

To schedule meetings click on a time slot and save the details.

google calendar make a meeting

To invite others to your meetings, add their email address to the guest list. The guest (or patient) will be emailed the proposed meeting and can then accept or reject the meeting request. Your calendar will be automatically populated and updated with the guest’s response.

If you would like to apply appointment slots to your calendar, you will need to upgrade your Google Account. When creating a new meeting or event, change the type to Appointment slots as done below.

calendar appointment slots

Now you can send the appointment schedule link to your patients instead so that they can choose a slot more convenient to them. By adding your assistants email to the guest list, they will be notified of your schedule arrangements as well.

calendar patient books an appointment

Your meeting correspondence automatically includes a meeting joining link to an application that allows Chat, Conference Calling and Live Video Streaming; Google Hangouts.

meeting accepted