Google Hangouts

G Suite

This is a tool which is included in the G Suite for all Gmail or Google account holders. Combined with the Google Calendar and Gmail, you can use Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat to conduct your patient consultations for tele-audiology. It’s a great step forward to bring your practice into the digital era.

Hangouts meet

All Google Calendar meeting invitations have a link to join a Hangouts Meeting. By clicking on the link, you and the patient will have exclusive access to a platform where you can video call, conference call, or simply chat to one another for the duration that you are both connected.

hangouts start a meeting

hangouts chat

If video calls are not available with your patient, you can use the chat tool as a communication channel with them. An even better idea concerning tele-audiology, is that if your patient is busy with the audiometery test and cannot listen at the time, Chat can be a way to write out messages of instruction to them.

hangouts interface