How to compare test results on one audiogram

View multiple audiogram results on one page with this new feature.

To use this feature, make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest KUDUwave software.

How To Get Started

  1. Begin by conducting your normal audiometery baseline tests.
  2. Once you have the test results saved, they will be visible in the patient history record.
  3. Change the significance of the initial/best test to: OH Baseline PLH.
  4. If the second test was a baseline comparison, change the significance to : OH Baseline-comparison PLH
  5. All follow up tests must have the significances of either OH Screening PLH or OH Exit PLH to compare it to the baseline results recorded.
  6. Alternatively, you can include STS monitoring by changing the baseline significance to: OH Baseline PLH/Milestone
  7. All follow up tests must then include PLH/STS at the end of the test significance description.

How To View The New Format

OCC Health Button
  1. Change "Standard" to "Occ Health ZA" to view the audiogram in this new format.
  2. Click on the view icon (page with an eye in the centre) / Print the audiogram

The audiogram will now show you a new PLH section where the baselines are compared to one another.

Baseline comparison screenshot.pdf
  • PLH Base: The test results of the audiogram marked as OH Baseline PLH or OH Baseline PLH/Milestone
  • PLH: The test results of the audiogram marked as OH Baseline-comparison PLH

If you selected STS monitoring to be included, the STS section will also compare the two milestone test results to one another as follows:

STS comparison screenshot

view an example

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