Help Desk For KUDUwave Audiometers

How to make your own Test Formula

If the default options are not to your preference you can easily create your own automated test battery.

To begin, create or open a patient profile and click on the green "+ Note/Test" button. From the list of tests available, select: "Pure tone - KUDUwave test".

You can have the KUDUwave connected to the laptop or you can continue in Demo mode.

Now, below the list of supplied default test formulas, you will see a button which says: “Add a new test setup / macro”. Click here and name the new formula.

Add new test setup or macro


If you only want to make small changes to the default formula, you can copy the default setting to a new formula and make the changes in the steps to follow. Do this by clicking on the preferred formula/macro and then click on “Add a new Test setup /macro”

name macro

Click OK to continue.

Read through the options which are provided to you. For example, you can change the pure tone to a warble tone for testing Tinnitus (see our blog for more information) etc.

Click next to move on the second settings page where you can select the frequencies you want to test.


Remember that the frequencies must be selected for both the right and the left ear. Also Bone conduction frequencies must be chosen if you want to do automatic bone conduction as well.

Click Next to move onto testing with your new setup. The new test formula will now be available every time you want to test any patient.

saved macro

Read more about the default test formulas already available in KUDUwave 5.