HSE calculations now included on KUDUwave audiograms

Change the view setting in KUDUwave 5 to see calculated HSE results, according to the HSE categorization scheme.

How To Get Started

  1. Begin by capturing all patient information including age and gender.
  2. Conduct a normal audiometery screening test.
  3. Ensure the automated test selected includes the frequencies required for HSE calculations. (1k, 2k, 3k, 4k, 6k)
  4. Once you have the test results saved, they will be visible in the patient history record.
  5. Any prior tests can be manually entered if you would like the KUDUwave to take them into consideration.

How To View HSE Results

HSE Button
  1. Change "Standard" to "HSE" to view the audiogram with HSE categorization calculations.
  2. Click on the view icon (page with an eye in the centre) / Print the audiogram.

The audiogram will now show you the summations of the various frequencies and calculate the shift in thresholds. Should any values be above the warning level stipulated in the HSE categorization scheme, they will be highlighted in orange and the category will be stipulated under "Cat."

HSE layout 2

View an example audiogram here.

View the HSE Categorization Scheme here.