How to correct patient details on audiograms

We all make mistakes, or things change over time. Learn how to correct a spelling error or change a detail on an audiogram below.


1. Open the patient profile and immediately correct the mistake, or update the details.

correct details

2. Take note of the old audiogram readings so that you can re-enter the results.

take note of results

3. Begin a new note by clicking on the green "+ New Note/Test" button.

4. Select Manually enter results.

manually enter results 2

5. Select a template depending on the frequencies you wish to re-enter on the audiogram. If you are not sure, choose "All frequencies" and only enter the ones which are necessary. Click "Next" to move to continue.

select template

6. Re-enter the test results and any relevant calculated values (eg. PLH). You can also leave notes regarding the test and which details were corrected. Click the save icon in the top right hand corner.

fill in test results

7. Mark the old audiogram as deleted and view the new audiogram to see the corrected details.


correct details 2

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