How to digitally sign KUDUwave records

You can now sign all KUDUwave records (tests, notes, reports etc.) in the software. No need to print out endless reams of paper for physical signatures.

To sign a record in the KUDUwave software, make sure you have the latest version of KUDUwave 5.

Purchase a graphic tablet, we recommend the Wacom Intuos S Drawing Tablet, available on-line or all good computer stores. This is a tablet that interfaces with your PC and you can sign with a pen/stylus. Alternatively you could sign with your good old finger on your laptops touch pad, this can be a bit tricky.

tablet graphic-1

1. Once you have completed a test or created a clinical report and need to sign it off, select it from the history pane in the patient profile.

2. Click on the Pen icon in the top right hand corner.

pen icon

3. Ask your patient to sign in the block with the RED cross. The clinician must sign in the blank block.

digital signature

4. Erase the signature if you would like to try again. Save the signatures once you are happy.

The saved signature cannot be edited!