Maximum Permissible Ambient Noise Levels of the KUDUwave Audiometer

It is important to note that ordinary audiometers whether they are screening audiometers or diagnostic, do not attenuate sound. The combination of audiometric booths and standard audiometry headsets is what is relied upon to generate the sound blocking required and must comply with the standards related to maximum permissible ambient noise levels (MPANL) as set out by the SANS standards as much as we do.

What makes this device different is that the the soundbooth, audiometer and headset is combined creating a mix of compliance requirements unique to the KUDUwave™.

The KUDUwave's sound blocking ability means that it can test in much noisier than is available with standard audiometry headsets and in some cases audiometry booths environments as illustrated in the below table.

Maximum Permissible Ambient Noise Levels

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