Why use Online Meetings, Video Streaming and Chat?

Face-to-face consultations are a key part of patient care. The communication which happens between the health care practitioner and the patient is vital for reassurance and conveying empathy.

Even though technology has progressed so far as to provide assistive interpretations, a cold robot may not give reassurance as well as a person may. Many medical aids do not recognize a medical consultation if it does not include this face-to-face aspect, and that is where tele-medicine appears to have a stumbling block.

Here are a few tools you can use to overcome this hurdle. It’s quick and easy, but most importantly the patient will have their healthcare giver with them (in the virtual sense) to ask questions and have true interactions with a person and not a robot.

Online Meetings


A meeting is most commonly conducted in a boardroom, however businesses have introduced conferences calls with live video streaming to allow for people to join from another location.

There are many benefits to incorporating this into your practice. One of which is that you can now schedule online meetings through digital calendars, which then send communications out automatically reminding your patients of their appointments.

The reminder is usually sent via email and with it a link to a platform where you can host a meeting or conference call. These meetings are now capable of live video streaming which can be construed as a face-to-face consultation, making tele-audiology a little easier.

Applications available for you to use:

Video Streaming


The good news is most online meeting tools come hand in hand with live video streaming tools, so there won’t be a second medium to learn how to use. Also with everything integrated it will be easier for your patient to connect with you without getting lost in all the technology.

Most laptops come standard with a webcam, however you may want to invest in a higher quality plug-in one which can stand above your screen. Here are a few tips about what to look for when shopping for a webcam. If you run into the problem of: "too many cables, not enough laptop ports", we suggest investing in a self-powered USB hub to simplify your setup.

Applications available for you to use:



Communication and correspondence has evolved from letters to emails, and now a new revolution in online chat has come about. People are looking for convenient ways to find the information they need quickly and to be contacted wherever they may be.

Potential patients may turn to social media and internet searches to find services they need. In order for them to find you or make contact, your business would need to be available on as many platforms as possible, with just as many convenient channels of communication open.

Another thing to consider is that patients may not have the time to return the clinic to collect their results, and they may not have access to a computer where they can access emails. Online chat is a convenient way to share information or quickly contact your patient, all you need is a phone number.

Applications which are most commonly used: