What is Remote Desktop Control?

Synchronous tele-audiology requires live consultations with an audiologist available for immediate analysis of results. As an audiologist, how do you control the test procedure when you are miles away?

In a scenario where the patient will have access to a clinic in their area, however the practitioner is located kilometers away, or even in another country, tele-audiology can be conducted by the following procedure.

At the Clinic (Location 1)

On location where the patient will have access to general health care, a KUDUwave station can be set up. This station should include a KUDUwave audiometer, the controller PC with KUDUwave software and an application where the PC can be remotely controlled.

A trained nurse or clinical technician should set up the KUDUwave on the patient. They will then connect the Controller PC to the internet and hand over control to the audiologist.

At the Office (Location 2)

The audiologist, who will be stationed at an office or work from home, will use their PC with the same remote control application, to log onto the clinic PC. Through this remote control application they will be able to conduct the audiology test on the KUDUwave software. The results can then be immediately analysed by the audiologist and the patient consulted.

Through this method of synchronous tele-audiology, an audiologist will be able to stay in one location and consult with multiple patients located at various sites where the equipment is stationed.

We have compiled a list of remote control applications you can make use of. Follow the links to find out more about each option and how to set them up.