Folder Management in the KUDUwave software

Working with folders and patients is a simple process designed to help you managed your data as efficiently as possible.

To begin in your KUDUwave software, create a main folder directly from the home page. Once a folder is created, patient profiles can be created directly from within them. There is no limit as to how many folders or sub-folders you may create, or how many patients you may store in each folder. However, please note that as patients accumulate (reaching into the thousands...), processing the data within the folder does progressively slow down. We suggest avoiding storing all patients in one folder. Below are a few suggestions for managing your patient files.

Alphabetize your folders

Alphabet folders

Patients in KUDUwave 5 are automatically alphabetized by their surname in a single folder. It will be intuitively easier to find patients later by separating them according to the alphabet. You can group uncommon letters together, or keep each letter as an individual folder.

Group patients under Corporation Names

Company organised folders

This solution has already proven to be a common solution for KUDUwave users in the occupational health field. Organize your patients even further by grouping them into sub-folders according to their department. The KUDUwave software intuitively saves the folder name in the company field and the sub-folder name as the department. Making data capturing easier and must faster.

Autofill Company and department

The same principle can be applied to clinics, hospitals or schools, where the Company name and folder can be the replaced with the School name, and the grade or standard recorded under department.

Group data by date of Consultation

Date folders

Another suggestion is to save all tests under the year or month they were done. This way you can archive that year, preventing it from slowing down your computers processing power by filling up your memory.

Take patient management to a new level with Smart Folders