How to download and install the KUDUwave™ Software

Here are three easy steps to follow to download and install the latest version of KUDUwave™ Software.

1. Download 

You can download the latest software directly from this link. Just fill in your details and click download at the end.

download the software

2. Install

Once the KUDUwave™ software has finished downloading, double click on, and run the installation file.

You can find the installation file (e.g. Install_KUDUwave_v5.1.6.0.exe) in your Downloads folder.

Allow our software to move forward and install...


If you are running an older version of software Windows may give you this message.

Click on "More info".

Windows pop up install more info

Click on "Run anyway"

Windows install pop up run anyway

In the Setup Menu, click "Next" to begin the file installation.

select program file location

You can now create a Desktop Shortcut here. Click "Next" to continue.

create desktop short cut

Click "Install" to complete the installation of your KUDUwave software. 


Click "Finish" to exit Setup.

finish set up

3. Set up your Software for the first time.

Double click on the KUDUwave Icon on your desktop to open the software. A User Manual has been automatically downloaded for you to go through.

KUDUwave desktop icon

Complete the information requested on the Home page. This information will appear on all your audiograms where the clinician will sign of the results. Click "Go" to access the programme.

Fill in Home page details

Need a little help? Find a time to meet with Tech Support

Visit the KUDUwave Academy to navigate your way through the new software.