How to work faster with QR codes

Shorten your appointment time by capturing your patients details and printing their name card with their unique QR code beforehand. On arrival, scan their code using your webcam and zip straight to their profile and start testing.

A unique QR code will be generated for each patient created in the KUDUwave software. This QR code will be visible on the patient's profile and on all their Patient Reports (Audiograms).

Audiogram Letterhead

By scanning this QR code on the home screen, the patient's unique code will be entered into the search bar. Click enter and the patient profile will open. You can update their data and begin testing immediately. No time wasted during your appointment capturing patient details.

You can also print blank QR codes for walk in patients and create a new patient profile in a snap!

Patient Card

No need to waste space with large filing cabinets. All you need is a small card holder too keep your codes close at hand. All your KUDUwave digital records will be available as quick as a flash of card. Go digital and lead the way with a green footprint!

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