How to use the MDR-TB Screening Smart Folder

This folder specifically caters for the MDR-TB set-up in South Africa, but can be applied to other projects across the world.

The KUDUwave uses multiple criteria (OSHA, SANS, WHO etc.) to develop testing protocols and assistive interpretations of results. The KUDUwave software uses these criteria to separate which test protocols are most needed and used by this particular industry.

Which tests can I perform in this folder type?

  • Extended high frequencies with the KUDUwave Pro™.
  • Incorporates questionnaires for the patient, including records of which medication the patient is currently receiving.
  • Automatically continues with the test after the questionnaire is completed.
  • Assistive Interpretation done after testing and any indication of ototoxicity is highlighted in a report.

How do I setup my folder?

1. Create your new folder from the home page

Add a main folder

2. Once inside your folder, click on "Smart Folders" in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Smart Folder Button

3. Select "Ototoxicity Monitoring Program for MDR-TB"

Select Ototoxicity monitoring prgram for MDR-TB

4. Click the save icon in the top right hand corner to save your setting changes.

How do I start testing?

1. After adding a patient to the smart folder, click on +Note/Test to open a new test.

2. This next menu will appear for you to select the relevant test you want to perform.

Once you click on a button, the automatic testing sequence will begin.

  1. Questionnaire / Form
  2. Test
  3. Assistive Interpretation
Ototoxicity Monitoring Program for MDR-TB
  • As a patient enters the MDR-TB monitoring program (i.e. it is their first visit to the clinic), an initial / baseline test result must be recorded.
    • If the patient has already completed their baseline test (for example he was first tested a year ago), manually enter these results into the KUDUwave database by clicking: Enter baseline / initial test.
    • Once the manually recorded results are saved in the database, you can continue on to the monitoring test.
  • When the patient arrives for their next follow-up visit, complete the monitoring form, test and interpretation.
  • Once the patient is ready to exit the program, complete the exit form, test and interpretation.

You can return to the normal interface by clicking on the button "Select a new Test / Note / Interpretation / Notification" in the top left corner.

3. At any point during the test you can manually take over by clicking on pause.

4. Save after each step.