How to Backup and Restore data

It is good practice to backup your patient data regularly on an external hard drive.

The KUDUwave software allows you to easily create a backup file, packaging your patient data efficiently for you to store safely. If at any point you need to restore your patient data, it is just as easy to import your backups and continue working within minutes. No hassles or fuss.

How to do a Backup

To create a KUDUwave backup file, go to the settings page and select the highlighted option: “Backup”. Select the destination you wish the backup to be placed (this can be a memory stick or another drive on your PC) and click save to begin. It is important to wait until the word is no longer greyed out. This process can take a few minutes, depending on how large your database is. As soon as the backup file is ready you will be able to continue working in the software.

How to Restore your Backup

If at any point you need to restore patient data from a KUDUwave backup, you can do this from the settings page. Directly below the option to backup, is the option to import a backup and merge it with your current database. Again, depending on how large the database is in the backup file, you may need to wait a few minutes before you can continue working. Once the import is finished, reopen the KUDUwave software to find your new files.