How to Import a Patient Database

Import and merge your current patient database with your KUDUwave software.

You can import your existing patient database into the KUDUwave with these 6 simple steps:

1. Prepare a spreadsheet with all your patients’ information. Use these exact headings, in order, when compiling your spreadsheet.

KUDUwave software patient data example

Please do not use any commas [ , ] or pipes [ | ] in the patient details.

2. Save your complete spreadsheet in a csv (comma-separated values) format.

3. Create a folder in the KUDUwave software or make sure you have selected the correct, already existing, folder you wish to import the database into.

4. Import the csv file into the folder by clicking on import, then selecting the second option listed.

Import option

5. Select the saved csv database file and click open to begin the import.

open csv file to import data

6. Once finished, reopen the KUDUwave software and your patient’s will be in the folder you created in step 3.

patients successfully imported

imported patients

You can edit the patient details by double clicking on them and correcting the data found in the patient profile.