Speech in Noise Testing with QuickSIN

The assessment of speech in noise provides important diagnostic information which the pure tone audiogram cannot reliably predict.

The KUDUwave provides speech in noise testing through its integration with QuickSIN. To access QuickSIN, add a patient or select an already existing patient. Click on the green button: “+Note/Test” and from the menu, select the Audiometery: Speech - KUDUWave test.

speech selection from menu

Select QuickSIN from the next test menu.

speech-in-noise test menu

To begin, select the ear you wish to start with and set the appropriate intensity level. Then click Next.

begin with one ear

Click on List 1 to view the first list of sentences which will be tested.

list of sentences

How Speech in Noise works

A list of 6 sentences with 5 keywords per sentence, is presented within a babble noise. The sentences are presented at a signal to noise ratio which decreases in increments of 5dB’s, from 25 (which is very easy), to 0 (which is very difficult).


To begin the test, press the play button.

Once the patient has responded with what they have heard, score the results by counting the number of keywords underlined that the patient got correct.


The KUDUwave has two different scoring pads which you can choose from.


The above scoring section allows you to click on the number (score from 0 to 5) and the KUDUwave will immediately begin playing the next sentence.

The below scoring section allows you to click on the number (score from 0 to 5) and the KUDUwave will wait until you press play for the next sentence or to save the test result.

There are a total of 12 lists each with 6 sentences.

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