How to change your Default Printer Settings

Discover where to change your default printer settings. Here are step-by-step instructions to troubleshoot printing audiograms from your KUDUwave software.

If you have recently updated your laptop or windows operating system, you may have encountered an error message with your KUDUwave that looks similar to this:

default printer error message with KUDUwave software

Alternatively, you may be stuck with a printing issue which you cannot figure out if it is your own printer our the KUDUwave software which is preventing you from printing audiograms.

Here are step-by-step instructions to troubleshoot printing audiograms from your KUDUwave software.

Step 1: Check the printer is plugged in.

This might seem silly especially if your printer is wireless, however it is worth it to cover the basics before we move on to the technical.

Make sure that your printer is powered and connected to your laptop either directly by USB or through your wireless network. It will be registered as online if it has been done correctly.

If you have a connectivity problem, speak to your in-house IT consultant to set this up for you.

Step 2: Check for error messages from the printer.

Is your printer happy? Does the printer require ink or paper? Attend to any error messages given to you directly from the printer or on your laptop screen. This can include margin settings or low resources detected by the printer. Alternatively, contact your printer distributor if the error cannot be solved by your personnel.

Step 3: Check the printer default settings

The KUDUwave software requires you to select the printer you wish to send all audiograms and documents to print. You can do this easily by following the listed instructions below:

  • Find your Control Panel
  • Click on: Hardware and Sound
  • Click on: Devices and Printers
  • You should find all printers made available to your PC listed in this window.
  • Right Click on the printer you want to use.
  • From the drop down menu, select “Set as default printer”.
Select a default printer from drop down menu

If you do not want to attach a printer to the laptop with your KUDUwave, select a PDF writer instead. This will make the KUDUwave software generate a PDF document when you print the printer icon.

If all three steps did not help you solve your issue of printing audiograms, contact our support team.

We will happily assist you!