KUDUwave is incorrectly set as my default device

Once plugged in, Windows may set your KUDUwave as a default device. This must be corrected in order for you to conduct a test.

If KUDUwave 5 does not automatically correct this for you, follow these steps below:

1. Access Sound Settings from your task bar

Right click on the speaker icon, normally positioned on the left hand side of your task bar at the bottom of your screen.

Sound Settings

2. Correct the Speaker Settings (Playback Devices)

Select the Playback tab to view all speakers available on the computer. Ensure that the laptop/PC speaker "Realtek High Definition Audio" is the default device (indicated by a green tick).

realtek speaker set as default

GA1043 Codec Left and GA1043 Codec Right are your KUDUwave speakers that present the tone to your patient during testing. Either of these speakers must not be marked as a default device.

Speaker GA1043 Codec Incorrectly set as the Default Device-1

To correct this, right click on the laptop speaker "Realtek High Definition Audio" and set it as a default device and default communication device.

Realtek High Definition Audio Set as Default Device

Ensure this speaker is enabled, in order to set it as a default.

enable speaker

Additionally, ensure the output level of each KUDUwave speaker is 95, and the default format is 16 bit, 48000Hz. To view these settings double click on each of the KUDUwave Speakers and click on the levels and advanced tabs to check the following properties:


default format

3. Correct the Microphone Settings

Select the Recording tab to view all Microphones and input lines to the PC. Ensure that the laptop microphone "Realtek High Definition Audio" is the default device.

microphone default

GA1043 Codec Left - Line and GA1043 Codec Right - Line are the microphones which monitor the ambient noise of the room during testing and allow you to speak to the patient when they have the headset on. The GA1043 Codec Left - Microphone and GA1043 Codec Right - Microphone, are used by X-Check to monitor the sounds produced by the KUDUwave to verify it's calibration, for daily calibration checks. None of these must be selected as default devices.

Microphone settings

Right click on the "Realtek High Definition Audio" microphone and set it as a default communication device and default device. The microphone must be enabled in order to set it as a default device.

Additionally, ensure for each Codec Line that the following settings are correct:

levels line properties

advanced line properties

If all the above settings are correct, the KUDUwave has connected correctly with the laptop. Launch the KUDUwave software and conduct a test.

Contact support if you need a hand: support@emoyo.net. We will happily assist you!