Help Desk For KUDUwave Audiometers

How to Troubleshoot Cable Connections

Here are some helpful troubleshooting steps to follow, if your KUDUwave didn't run as you expected.

Like any social introduction, the first handshake is followed by a "get to know you" conversation. Once a connection is established, you rarely have to go through the same introduction again. Unless you're bad with names and need a refresher.

Your laptop is very similar in the same way.  When your laptop is introduced to your KUDUwave for the very first time, it needs to ask a few questions before the relationship is a perfect match. 

Here are some helpful troubleshooting steps to follow, if your KUDUwave didn't run as you expected.

Cable Connections

USB cable in hand

Pop Up Message: "Could not connect to the Audiometer”

This means that the KUDUwave audiometer could be incorrectly plugged in, or a cable is not sufficiently connected in the port.

First double check that all the USB plugs are securely fitted in the ports of your laptop and in the KUDUwave headset. Your Response button should be plugged into the left ear-cup or directly in a third port in your laptop. USB hubs are not recommended, as they may not deliver enough power for the KUDUwave.

If physical connections are not the issue, follow these steps to try correct the problem:

  1. Cancel the current test and close the software.
  2. Unplug the KUDUwave from your computer, wait a minute.
  3. Plug it back in ensuring that both the KUDUwave and response button are firmly secure.
  4. Wait for the PC to "Set up a device". It will re-register the USB connections and say when the device is ready.
  5. Launch the KUDUwave software and restart the test.

You may get new pop up messages: follow the instructions below to adjust the audio settings or examine your cables.

could not detect response button

If you discover a faulty cable or broken response button, contact us at If the warranty has expired we will give you a quick quote for new ones and courier them to your door.

If the problem persists:  Contact Support.