What to look for when shopping for a webcam

If you would like to improve the webcam which comes standard with your laptop, or if your desktop PC simply does not have one, here are a few tips to look out for when shopping for a new webcam.

  1. High Resolution - Look for a video capture rate of 720p or higher
  2. High Frame Rate - You must stay above 15 fps to stream video, and you're better much off with a frame rate of 30 fps or higher.
  3. Type of Camera Lens - Plastic is commonly used, however glass dramatically improves performance without significantly raising the price.
  4. Auto Focus / Light Adjustments - This is a nice to have feature to help those who will be broadcasting from a darker office space.
  5. A built-in Microphone - Some desktop PC’s may not have a microphone for you to use with your webcam.
5 Tips sourced from Lifewire