Where can I find the HSE result on the KUDUwave audiogram?

KUDUwave now has the functionality to conduct audiometric tests at specific frequencies for HSE screening and formulates the results according to OHSAS 18001, categorizing patients quickly and correctly.

By following the steps below, you will be able to configure the KUDUwave software to test specific HSE frequencies and view the automatically calculated results on the audiogram.

  1. Create or open your patient profile.
  2. Click “+New Note /Test”.
  3. Select Audiometry: Pure Tone KUDUwave test
  4. Once the KUDUwave is connected and ready to begin testing, choose the OSHA [500Hz to 6kHz] automatic test formula. Click next to begin testing and save the test results once complete.
  5. To view the audiogram with HSE calculations, change the view of the audiogram from standard to HSE.


6. Click the eye icon to view the results.